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What is the best possible outcome for my boyfriends new drug charges? Will he have to go to prison?

Appleton, WI |

My boyfriend was on probabtion for a posession of thc charge. He had 13 months left of his 2 year probation sentence when he aquired new charges. His new charges are possesion of LSD, posession of illegally obtained prescription (addherall) and posession of parpahanelia. The first 2 charges are felony I and the last is a misdemeanor. I know he will most likely be revoked on probation and serve 6 months for that. What are the likely outcomes for his new charges? Will he have to go to prison? I have no expereince with this sort of thing and really just want to know what could possibly happen and what I should be prepared for as I am trying to help him as much as I can but aside from finding him a lawyer I dont really know what else i should be doing/preparing for. Thank You!

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The best thing you can do for your boyfriend is to help him find a good criminal defense attorney. No one on this forum will be able to accurately predict the outcome of your boyfriend's case given the limited information provided. However, as a general rule, if your boyfriend was on probation for a drug case and has been charged with new crimes, there is a very good possibility that his probation will be revoked. How much time he will have to serve on his probation revocation will depend on his sentence structure (i.e. whether the judge imposed but stayed a sentence or whether it was a withheld sentence).

Your boyfriend needs an attorney to defend him at his revocation hearing and to defend him against the new charges. Once your boyfriend hires an attorney, he or she will be in a much better position to advise you both as to the likely outcomes of his case.

Best of luck.