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What is the best option if i overstayed for 2 years, wanted to work/live here and have family with my bf..i have b1

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i came over with a B1 visa, filed extension of stay but denied, i overstayed for 2 years now..i have an american bf , we r planning to live together ,have a family and i wanted to have legal documents and permanent residency...what is the best option that we can do? if we r going to get married what are the requirements do i need to prepare? i submitted my original I94 at INS but was denied..what can i do? do i qualify? thanks...

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Since you entered on a visa, despite your overstay you could adjust status here if you were to marry a U.S. citizen, provided you don't have any bars to adjustment. That's a very big if, though. For example, did the government have your current mailing address at all times? If not, you could have missed a notice to appear in immigration court and there could be an in absentia order of removal against you.

You need to sit down with an immigration lawyer and figure out precisely what issues you could have. It sounds like you could be eligible for adjustment of status; don't mess it up by trying to handle it yourself.


You may file your petition after marriage despite the overstay.

You are welcome to use the link provided below to contact me if you wish.



as soon as you marry you are eligible to adjust your status to lawful permanent condition resident. should not cost more than about $4600. i am in austin, give me a call. tom