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What is the best option for an out of state parenting plan for an infant for a non custodial parent who lives in California

Portland, OR |

I am a single woman and have an 13 month old son via artificial insemination from a friend (known sperm donor) and we agreed that he would be the child's father (legally and biologicially). He lives in California. I live most of the time in Oregon and we are now in a custody situation...he wants me/the child to live and be in California near him. All of the legal stuff we have lawyers now dealing with this. I have been asked to come up w/a parenting plan. Need legal opinions on how much time is appropriate for my infant to spend with his father without me in California. My gut instinct tells me no more than 3 nights (or a long weekend) at this age.

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If you currently have a lawyer, then he or she is the best person to ask about this.