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What is the best (least threatening?) way to go about honoring my NC Child Support Obligation while in FL?

Cocoa, FL |

I have recently moved to FL from NC. Over the last few years, I have been unemployed (occasionally moderately employed) and my Child support obligation was not pressed due to that circumstance. I began to search for jobs out of state due to the minimal opportunities I was encountering there... I wish to continue to honor the obligation, but also need a few months to get established so that my bills can be paid without financial failure. I am afraid that the Florida section of this component will punish me if I do not address it immediately. The CS office in NC has been EXTREMELY unhelpful over the years and I am wary about asking them for advice or assistance. Do you have a recommendation as to how I might proceed without damaging my job status?

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If your child(ren) are still living in NC then most likely the matter must be addressed in NC. You must address the issue of proper jurisdiction first. If Florida is an appropriate jurisdiction you may need to file a supplemental petition to modify child support; however one of the prerequisites for modification is that the change in circumstances be permanent. So, assuming the outcome you seek is a temporary modification you would need to make clear that the request is temporary and based upon a temporary change.

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