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What is the average sentence for public-intox/disorderly conduct in the state of Michigan?

Taylor, MI |

I was arrested recently. It was a 1st time offense, I have a clean record, and it was a peaceful arrest. Meaning no arguing, or resisting or non-sense. What should I expect? My bail was 10% of a $2,000 bond. Also another question, will I be required to pay this full amount?

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There is no average sentence. In Michigan, sentences are supposed to be individualized. In reality, some judges have policies which are contrary to the individualized sentencing scheme. Generally, a sentence will depend on a multitude of factors including, but not limited to: the defendant's past criminal history (if any), the defendant's past and current personal circumstances, the facts of the case, the officer in charge, the judge, the prosecutor, and the probation officer. Your lawyer, if he or she is experienced, should be able to analyze those factors and give you an idea of what you are looking at.

In many cases, a good criminal defense lawyer can negotiate with the judge and the prosecutor on the charge and potential sentence so that the sentence is limited and the charge is reduced or eventually dismissed.

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Odds are very good that you won't get jail time. Expect a stiff fine though. As to your bond question, you will not have to pay the balance of the $2,000.00 if you show up in Court like you are supposed to.


Your sentence will likely be fines and court costs in the amount of a few hundred dollars. Possibly a short term of probation (3-6 months) and possibly a few days of community service. The $200 from the bond will be applied towards your fines and court costs. Visit for more information.

Jules N. Fiani