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What is the average price range of a trial-retainer (trial by jury) for class c misdemeanor for simple assault?

Houston, TX |

Class C misdemeanor for simple assault is going to trial by jury in a J.P. Court. Was wondering what the average price range is for a criminal defense attorney trial-retainer in this case?

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It is difficult for an attorney to place on a public forum information about his billing practice. You need to talk specifically to an attorney in your area and see what prices are in my opinion.


Trial is a very time consuming endeavor. Much mental preparation is involved and emotional energy expended if its done right. A good trial layer would not touch a trial for less than a couple thousand dollars. It varies.


There is no average. You might find one attorney who would do it for a thousand and another who would charge five. Just call a few ticket attorneys in your area. They won't charge you to discuss the facts and give you an estimate.

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Erick Masten Platten

Erick Masten Platten


Sometimes you get what you pay for. You should be concerned about the quality of representation your are going to receive.


I agree with the other lawyers. Talented criminal trial lawyers spend many hours of preparation getting ready for trial, not to mention the time in court spent trying the case. Depending upon the facts of your case and the potential defenses, certainly 2-3 thousand dollars would be an expected fee. However, there are younger, less experienced lawyers who might consider trying the case for much less. Good luck.

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