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What is the appropriate type of court to file a Title 42 complaint with municipal prosecutors?

Flemington, NJ |

The Prosecutors in these cases acted outside the scope of their directives of office deliberately. I was planning on taking care of this matter myself.

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If you mean by "taking care of it myself" doing it without a lawyer representing you, don't waste your time energy and emotional resources. Prosecutors have pretty much absolute immunity for their actions as prosecutors. Nonetheless, bring all of the facts and evidence to a civil rights attorney who has successfully sued police officers and or police departments. After such a lawyer has all of the facts, he can advise you whether you have a case worth pursuing.



k thanks. FYI the Prosecutors deliberately acted outside their legal scope and directives of office. They were purposely grossly negligent according to the appellate division's standards as well as the Court Rule.


Prosecutors usually cannot be sued successfully because they are protected by a very broad prosecutorial immunity. You can bring a 1983 claim in either Superior Court or federal District Court. As for taking care of it yourself? There's nothing that prevents you from doing so. There's also nothing to prevent you from removing your own appendix.

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