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What is the amount of monthly child support (1 child) should i receive from my husband who earns $25,000 per year?

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We aren't legally seperated, my daughter lives with me. My husband only gives me $225 per month. I don't know how to calculate the correct amount

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Child support standards act calculates basic child support assuming he is not paying any court ordered child support or spousal maintenance for a prior order as follows: gross income of $25,000 less social security, Medicare and local NYC tax , those three equal about 10 percent times 17 percent for one child. 25,000-2,500 equals $22,500 times 17 equals $319 per month. Add on for child care and medical expenses and medical insurance pro rata. Educational expenses may also be add ons. See an experienced child support attorney to help you. You should file a petition in family court for child support and add ons. You may also be entitled to spousal maintenance, depending on your income.

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The CSSA guidelines are available online. You can also find a child support worksheet on the court's website. If you are living apart, you can file for child support and spousal support in the Family Court. You can also seek support in a divorce action.


Gross wages minus FICA would give you $334 per month. The Child Support Standards Act sets for the guidelines for the payments. Check out the following website:

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