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What is the age when a child can decide whether or not they want to go visit /spend night with their non-custodial parent in NC?

Greensboro, NC |

Child does not want to go visit father (mother has full custody) every time he wants her to. Father gets extremely upset and tries to make or makes her go with him.

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North Carolina does not recognize an age when the child gets to control custody and visitation. This is always a matter for the court to decide. However, a child can state a preference about living with a parent or visiting with a parent. If the child is of suitable age and discretion, the court may give a lot of weight to what the child says on this issue. But the decision is always left to the court. I would be concerned about why the child does not want to visit. Maybe have a child psychologist or counselor meet with the child to see why this is occurring. Most chldren want to visit their non-custodial parent unless something is happening during those visits to upset the child. Check it out.

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