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What is the advantage of using a traffic ticket lawyer

Seattle, WA |

I got a speeding ticket (15 over in a 45mph road). This is the first ticket I've gotten in years. Should I get a lawyer to help fight it?

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Whether you want or need to fight the ticket is a personal decision based on your circumstances. Speeding tickets that are found committed are reported to the Department of Licensing and to insurance companies, usually resulting in higher premiums.

At the very least, it cannot hurt to talk to a lawyer about your ticket. Most of us give free consultations. After talking to an attorney who specifically handles traffic infractions, you will know your options and be able to make a more informed decision as to whether you should fight the ticket and hire the lawyer.


Mr. Munson has given an excellent response.

I would add that attorney fees can range from $100 - $500 (the higher fee is usually for cases out of the attorney's home county). I have even heard of attorneys who will not accept a fee unless they are able to get the ticket dismissed.

In my experience, a competent attorney is almost always able to get the ticket dismissed or at least reduced to a non-moving violation such as inattentive driving or a cell phone violation.

If even one speeding ticket might your insurance rate, retaining an attorney to handle the matter is money well spent.

Steven Edward Weir

Steven Edward Weir


In the state of Missouri, attorneys are prohibited (not to mention it is unethical) to take a criminal or traffic matter on a contingency basis. Steer clear of any attorney who would do that. The are like the scorpion who asks the frog for a ride across the river and promises he won't sting the frog. It's too late once you're in the middle of the stream to wonder why the scorpion stung you.


Most tickets are won on "technical defenses;" not the facts. A ticket lawyer has studied the court rules, the rules of evidence and the relevant statutes. You need to understand all of these to be able to spot issues and assert defenses. Because I am in traffic court a lot, I see lots of people fight their own tickets. I would like guess about 2-3% win their cases.

Scott. Lawrence
Law Office of Scott Lawrence

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Mark C Blair

Mark C Blair


My experience as well. Those who represent themselves on a ticket almost always lose.

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