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What is the 1st step he should take? My sons (ex)girlfriend is using their baby like a pawn.

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When the baby (8 mos. old) was born a DNA test was taken to prove who was the father since it was in question. They moved into an apt. together after her father (supposedly) assaulted her (?). They have a history of a roller-coaster relationship. She is now pregnant again, told him he may not be the father. She had taken off with the baby with no contact recently for at least 3 days. When he finally found them, he said he would keep the baby and she could visit him anytime. Today she came to get the baby and is falsely accusing him/or us of a 'bruise' that we are not aware of. She is going to try to keep the baby away from my son again. She is young, immature, surrounds herself with bad influences and we are extremely concerned about the baby and who he is around. Any advice please!

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F irst three steps:

1. CONSULT with a good family lawyer and explain all the facts in detail. That way the attorney can give you an idea of your options and the range of possible outcomes.

2. HIRE a good family law attorney. Custody battles are complicated and it is easy for one to slip out from under you.

3. FILE a petition to establish paternity and set up conservatorship, a possession schedule, and child support.

I am very familiar with the courts in Dallas county and can assure you that they will not be pleased by this baby Yo-Yo game the mom plays.

Good luck!!


You should immediately consult with and hire a family law attorney. Child custody cases are very complicated and very emotionally charged. You will need to establish paternity and have custody and visitation determined. You really should act as soon as possible to stop the possession issues.

The above answer is from the limited information given and not meant to take the place of a full consultation regarding your legal questions. The answer is meant for general purposes and no attorney client relationship has been established.

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