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What is the "time limit" on this? And polygraph info?

Newark, NJ |

Example story of course. If someone stole a $15 item in 2008, then takes a polygraph for a government job in 2014, should he tell the truth if asked? If he says yes, will they ask him further questions about it, and can that get him in trouble? I know a lot of people say a polygraph is 100% accurate but many others disagree.
Also, if the person applies for a job, gives fingerprints, and they match the previously unidentified prints to the store where the item was stolen in AFIS, can he still be convicted, or does it "expire" since the crime was 6 years prior?

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The SOL on a $15 theft was over in NJ in 2009. Very few if any people think the polygraph is 100% accurate. Most think it has the accuracy of a palm reading. How to answer a question about theft is up to the person. I would think that just pondering the subject would lead to stressful indications on a such a machine.


Probably not, on the 6 year old theft; polygraph is suspect... refuse to take one as anything said could motivate the Prosecutor, but is not admissible in Court

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He cannot be convicted.



No, he would not be risking conviction from the 2008 incident. Further, he may not even be lying reagrding the incident. If they ask whether he was convicted of a crime, it is my understanding he has not. If they ask whether he was ever arrested for a crime, maybe he was and maybe he was not (I do not know the situation). I do not think they would ask if he ever stole anything, did anything illegal etc, because it is a very generic question.

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