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What is supervised visitation?

Paragould, AR |

I've been advised by a few lawyers on this site and I had a consultation with a lawyer in town who told me to ask for full custody and supervised visitation. I'm just curious what is supervised visitation?

The mother refuses to keep her boyfriends (which change often and and each one stays the night) away while my daughter is there even though she is only there for a couple nights a week. She's even left while my daughter was suppose to be asleep in the next room while a rape of a 13 year old friend happened at her house. She brought a level 2 sex offender, (who is her suppose to be ex husband but still has not divorced from) when i asked her not to and he was arrested for being drunk at her house while my daughter was there. I have proof of her having parties and people moving in and out of her house constantly. She is very irresponsible and i hate even sending my daughter to her from fear of something happening. Is there any way I could ask for her to settle out of court for me having sole custody and no over night visitations until she shows that she can be responsible?

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It means that when someone has visitation with the child, someone else will be there to supervise the visitation.

Sometimes a parent will be granted visitation, but the Court will want someone to be present to ensure the welfare of the child. For example, if a parent has a serious substance abuse problem the Court may want to have visitation supervised to ensure that the parent does not become intoxicated while the child is in their care.

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The person that is designated to supervise the visitation will need to appear in Court to state that they are willing to be responsible for the child and are aware that they can face contempt of court if they fail to do so.

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