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What is stalking and harassment

Baltimore, MD |

We are in a custody battle and gathering evidence, something the plantiff does not have. What is stalking and harassment considered as? I took a picture of her car being at a friends town home parked illegally-she legally can't drive and did. As a good samaritan I called to report she was parked in front of a fire hydrant and drove without a license. This wouldn't fall anywhere under md code 3-802 & 3-803 correct?

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These codes are criminal codes that you are referencing and you should talk to a criminal lawyer about this. Unless there is a stay away order you have the right to be in a public space near the plaintiff. You also have the right to gather evidence if it is appropriately done. Still, use your best judgment -- since you have a child in common you both need to respect each other and respect each other's privacy and boundaries.

Some information/evidence will be weighed less than other information and this is where a family law attorney can really help you.