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What is required for restitution?

Boston, MA |

I have a question pertaining to restitution. I was assaulted by a boyfriend a few months ago. The have charges against him including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and attempted murder. I was basically forced to go to the hospital by the police. Now I have several hospital bills and no money to pay them becuase I am a studend. I filed for a restraining order against the boyfriend, and since he was on probation, it was a violation of his probation. Since the indiciden he has gone M.I.A. They have not been able to find him to arrest him. Can I still file for restitution? If not is there a way around it. His mother drove him to the attack, and she is currently aiding him. Can I file on her?

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You have another alternative. You can contact the Attorney General's Office that deals with victims of violent crimes. They will pay for up to $10,000.00 of your expenses if they deem that you qualify. You're welcome to call me and I'll be happy to explain how this works to you.

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