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What is punishment be for a felony grand larceny?

Boise, ID |

I was told that I was offered a book and release and that I could turn myself in anytime but my son said a sheriff came to our door twice. I have no prior legal issues, am a single mother with a job. Acted out of survival to prevent eviction and am wondering about possible consequences and what to expect? I admitted the offense and the amount was a check for $500. Cannot afford lawyer and wonder if a public defender will fight hard for me? Thank you

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There are a number of facts that are not included in your question. In addition, this is a public forum. I DO NOT suggest you place any additional information on this forum. Finally, based on your question, it sounds as if you qualify for a public defender. I would suggest you speak with your public defender regarding this matter, or speak with a private attorney, in private, to obtain a better perspective on the case and your options.