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What is our responsibility to work with an insurance company before our court date.

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my son scraped another vehicle while parking in a public parking area he compounded his problem by panicing and leaving. the accident was reported and there is video. we have a court date with my son as he is a minor.and the vehicle is registered in my name and insured by his mother. The complaintents insurance company is contacting us directly even though we have provided our insurance information during the police report..

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Before speaking with the other insurer, you should contact your insurance company and let them know about the court date and that you've been contacted by the other person's insurer. Your insurance company might appoint a lawyer for you; they might call the other insurance company directly; or they might otherwise give you instructions on how to handle it. Another thing to check-- are you sure it's not an attorney representing the other guy's insurance company (as opposed to a claims person) who's calling you?


make sure you provide everything to your insurance company immediately! your insurance company should provide an attorney to defend you.

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