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What is needed for a attempted robbery charge?

Alexandria, VA |

the detectives came to pick me up, took the alleged clothes i wore in the attempt. They give me the clothes back that night..they interview one of the guys I was with and next thing you know, I have a arrest warrant.

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An attempted robbery is an attempt to, with force or by threat of force, take something from a person. "Attempt" means that the robbery was not completed for whatever reason (they didn't get the thing they tried to take, the abandoned the attempt, something interrupted....). If the victim and a possible co-defendant identify you as the assailant, that is sufficient for probable cause for an arrest warrant. They would be using your clothes to try and lock in details most likely.

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Concur with Attorney Ranny. To her observation I would add:

1. Stay off the internet with any more details about the incident--Commonwealth Attorney's can read too!

2. Get criminal defense attorney ASAP--the charges you face are serious.

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