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What is my situation... being in a Removal proceedings : Master Hearing 11/20/2012 and having filed for a permanent residence

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Am now in Removal Proceedings with the Master Hearing scheduled 11/20/2012 but my wife being an American citizen had filed for a change of status- from asylum seeker to a permanent resident. We are married and have a three year old daughterer.

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You need to speak with a local immigration attorney ASAP. There are ways to fight removal, but without knowing specific facts I cannot give you a specific answer. Some general things to keep in mind are discretionary relief, cancellation or removal, etc.
Again, by now you really should have spoken with an Immigration Attorney. The date is fast approaching and you can be faced with a very difficult situation.

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Nothing really happens at the first master calendar and the Judge will surely give you more time to find an attorney if you haven't done so by that time. There are several bits of information that we would need to better answer your question. How did you come into the United States? Did you get married before or after you were placed in removal? You should make an appointment with an immigration attorney to review your options. Good Luck.

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If you are in removal proceedings, the USCIS won't have jurisdiction over the I-485. It is unclear whether you mean your wife filed an I-130 petition or filed an I-485 with the court. This could be one of the biggest days of your life--going before the judge at the Master hearing. Maybe you will get lucky and the judge will grant you more time to find an attorney or give you time to prepare, but what if he doesn't? You need to find an experienced immigration attorney to assist you with this case.


You need to motion the judge to accept the I130/I485 and they need to be filed with the Court. It is best to go to Court prepared, that is, with the motion and documents already filed. Please find an immigration attorney asap and prepare properly for Court.

This is not legal advice until I am retained and have reviewed all facts about your situation.