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What is my Reference or case number to pay child support?

Houston, TX |

Can someone be so kind to respond this please. I just got divorce (I did not pick up my final divorce decree yet) my lawyer is on vacation and my first due date to pay is this week so I would like to send it and make sure is not getting lost or i want to make sure they credit it to the right account.
thanks in advance

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I assume you have to pay through the Texas Disbursement Unit in San Antonio, Texas. The problem is that an account has to be opened or the office won't know what to do when your money is received. It takes the office a few days/weeks to get an account open. The good news is that you are not technically past due for 30 days.

Your case number is your unique cause number. In Harris County that would be Cause No. 2012-xxxxxx that appears at the top of your paperwork. Also, your Social Security number will be used to track you.

You can go on-line and set up an account to keep track of you payments. You have to do this yourself and your ex can also set up an account so that both of you can monitor the payments made.

Perhaps another attorney will answer & provide a more detailed answer. I'm only mediating these days. Hopefully, the other attorney has submitted the paperwork to the judge to get entered into the computer to get the account opened.

Good luck! Merry Christmas!



Thank you! very helpful Merry Christmas...