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What is my recourse if the California Franchise Tax Board levies my bank account for incorrect back taxes due to Identity Theft?

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I've had my identity stolen by someone living in California and then file taxes under my name in 2011 in that same state illegally. I have never lived or worked in California, and so should rightly owe the state of CA nothing. I was living in Nevada while this happened and it caused the IRS to perform their own investigation, of which they absolved me and released my Federal tax refund last year. I have contacted the FTB many times, sent requested paperwork by both documented mail and fax, and have had the IRS send their investigation records to the FTB as well. Now, two years later, after no contact with the California FTB, they just drained my bank account without any warning. Though they have my current address, they chose not to contact me or serve me in any way. What can I do?

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Identity theft has become a huge issue both at the state and Federal level. You will want to complete Form FTB 3552PC (Identity Theft Affidavit). Here is a link to the FTB's web-site. If you filed the above papers you may want to contact the FTB Advocate at 800.883.5910. If you still have no luck you may want to contact a attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent in your area to assist you. They will need a power of attorney in order to speak with the FTB though.

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