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What is my likely outcome to drug paraphenillia and possession of a controlled substance?

Davenport, IA |
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It will probably be handled through juvenile court services. Informal probation for 6 months or so. If you are waived in to adult court, then your attorney will likely request the grace of a deferred judgment at sentencing, assuming you have no defenses. When you successfully complete probation, the matter will be removed from your adult criminal record. You will be able to say that you have not been convicted of a drug offense. The paraphernalia charge will probably be dismissed if you plead guilty to the possession charge. You will need to discuss this matter in private with an attorney who specializes in drug offenses.



Through these juvenile court cases will I have to show up to court? will my school be notified? will my coach be notified? If so when? Also, as a side note if I admited to possessing the marijuana will that affect my outcome?

Colin Christopher Murphy

Colin Christopher Murphy


If you agree to informal probation through juvenile court services, then there won't be any court hearings. However, you should expect that your school coaches will be notified of the situation.


Loss of drivers license - you need attorney to avoid this - I suggest consulting with an attorney in person. Lots of questions that are valid, but answers vary depending on facts. Good luck!

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