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What is my girlfriend looking at with a criminal mistreatment 1 in oregon.

Eugene, OR |

She had one year clean and sober relapsed and was drinking our daughter fell and cut her head open, she took her to hospital and they were asking her questions and she got worried because she just got her back 6 months before through dhs and she left the hospitle before doctors seen our daughter. She has a criminal background assult 2 on record she spent 3 years in prision and was a few months away from the end of her 3 year parole and this happened. Dhs said she could get our daughter back if she went to treatment and was already approved for vists at dhs. She went to jail on parole violation the they threw the criminal mistreatment on her. She is a good mother when she's not useing. We also have a 13 month old and I want him to have his mom around are they going to put her in prision?

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Have you discussed the possible sentence for your girlfriend with her attorney of record in Oregon who is intimately familiar with the case, has represented her legal interests, reviewed the admitted evidence in the case and is in better position to offer an educated opinion?

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I'm assuming that when you say "what is she looking at" you mean you are interested in knowing the maximum possible sentence. Criminal mistreatment in the first degree is a class C felony, carrying a maximum possibly sentence of five years in prison and a fine of up to $125,000. Sounds like she also may have a parole violation to contend with as well. Given her history it is CRITICAL that she get a good lawyer on her case as soon as possible. You (and she) should also limit your comments online, prosecutors have a way of finding this stuff.

Good luck with this. If your girlfriend is interested in discussing her case with me directly, please feel free to have her give me a call. My info is here:

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I agree with Ms. Summer's answer above. I am only writing to add that your girlfriend's contribution to her family may be a factor a court would be willing to consider, if she is convicted and they must decide on a sentence. You may be able to speak on her behalf. You can tell her attorney that you are available to do this. But you should not pressure for this, and you must understand that, if she is the client and not you, information about the case may be kept secret from you, even if you are personally affected by the outcome.

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