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What Is Krs 427.060 and pursuant to Krs 426.720

New Haven, KY |

This is the codes to my lien

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My guess is that it refers to state law - NRS stands for Nevada Revised Statutes, and I suppose KRS means Kentucky Revised Statutes.

Most states publish their laws and post them on the state website so I would go to the state site and search - the law will be in numerical order and you can click on the link of this law to read it for yourself. We don't seem to have any Kentucky attorneys answering questions on this site - if out there, they can provide more specific answers. Hope this perspective helps!


Here is a link to one of them:

I personally believe it is better to pay for an attorney than to work through these exemptions yourself.

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It appears that you are subject to at minimum a lien and possibly a judgement. It is possible you will soon be facing a garnishment of money or an execution on your property. Making contact with an attorney will provide you peace of mind going forward.

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