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What is Inadmissibility for Immigration

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What does being inadmissible mean in immigration context. How is it different from removal. What happens to a GC holder of 15 years if she is found inadmissible.

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Being inadmissible means that you are not allowed to enter the U.S. for a number of reasons. If you are found to be inadmissible, you may be placed into removal proceedings. If a green card holder is inadmissible (usually because of a criminal conviction), he or she can be placed into removal proceedings. If this applies to you, you should consult with an immigration attorney.

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Ms. Gasson is correct:

inadmissible --- you can't come into the US
removable --- you can be kicked out of the US

Your GC holder question needs more facts ... starting with the reason that the person was found inadmissible.

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There are 2 separate categories: inadmissible (under INA 212) and removable (deportable) (INA 237). A green card holder is usually found deportable after he/she is convicted of a crime. A green card holder can be found inadmissible if he/she left the country after being convicted of a crime, and is looking to enter the US back. The USICS checks if a person is inadmissible when the person is applying for admission at the border or applying for green card. It's a tip of an iceberg, but I hope it helps..

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