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What is exactly mean of question 15 on n-400 application for citizenship ?

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Have ever committed crime or offense for which you are not arrested ? what is that ? ! ! ! please help me to understand this question thank you

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It means what it says: Did you ever commit a crime for which you were not arrested?

Another way of asking the question would be:

"Did you ever commit a crime, but didn't get caught?"

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In essence it is a catch all question. The Government is interested to know who is the person they are admitting for permanent residence. COnsider it as a Country you want to live in is asking you whether you ever engaged in activity which, if detected, would have constituted a crime to your knowledge.


The question is really "talking" to an applicant's conscience and asking him/her to admit (against his/her own interest) IF one EVER committed a crime for which one was never caught or arrested for..

Still confused? Then the answer is a "no".

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The question asks whether you have committed a crime but were *not* arrested.