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What is deemed a short term marriage in PA?

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I'm planning to file for divorce (no-fault, mutual consent) from my husband of 3 years. Does the length of our marriage make me ineligible for spousal support? Also, I have a young child from a previous relationship whose father is deceased and my husband is the only father she has ever known. He assumed financial responsibility for her during our marriage. Would my soon to be ex have any financial obligations toward her after we are divorced?

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PA law recognizes short term as less than a year. However, alimony is not easily awarded. For a three year marriage, it is unlikely that you would receive any alimony unless the income disparity is huge. Even if he makes considerably more than you, you would not receive any long term alimony. As for your child, did he adopt her? If not, then you probably will not receive any child support. These answers are based upon general principles of PA law. Please see an attorney to get a precise analysis of your situation.


The length of the marriage should have no bearing on your ability to obtain a no fault divorce or for you to obtain support/alimony/alimony pendente lite. Also, the fact that he outwardly acknowledged paternity during the marriage by supporting her can be used as evidnece to file for child support.

You should speak with an attorney about all of your rights with regard to the divorce.

This answer is for informational purposes only and does not in anyway constitute and/or form an attorney-client relationship.


I support the answer provided by my colleague.

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