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What is considered child abuse?

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I live with my mother and I am almost 16 years old. My mother hit me in the past and she yells on a daily basis about nothing. I do my best to be helpful in her house, cleaning it and helping take care of the animals but she does not appreciate my efforts. She has also done really weird things like gotten really mad and drunk and then purposely urinated on the floor and forced me to clean it up. She tells me on a fairly regular basis that she is depressed and wants to kill herself. She won't let me visit my other family over the summer vacation and she does other vindictive and passive aggressive things. I am trying to finish school so that I can lead a productive life, but feel that I am unable to do so in her house, so is there a way I can get away?

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Some things you mention are clearly inappropriate. Parents get to discipline. But they don't get to be abusive. CPS is a terrible cesspool to get into - sometimes better the devil you know. I would reach out first to dad or a grandparent to ask one of them to pursue us today or guardianship of you. Your mom would not likely want these things she does to come out in court. As another option, if you are close with a friend's parent, they might reach out. Again, the difficulty is parents have priority, but what you have set out is not acceptable. Good luck.

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