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What is considered a major medical decision?

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Custodial parent schedules an doctor appointment for a physical. Non-custodial parent says he does not want child to attend because he will be out of town during the appointment. The non-custodial parent has joint decision making when it comes to "major medical decisions," day to day decisions do not require joint decision making. Will the custodial parent be found in contempt if the child attends the appointment without the approval of the non-custodial parent? What is considered a "major medical decision?"

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If it is an annual physical, I don;t think the court would deem it as a major medical decision and if it is a emergency, she should take the child in regardless of whether you are present. Filing a motion for contempt is considered extraordinary relief and it should not be used at the drop of the hat. What s the harm of you not being there for the physical if you can review the results of the physical with the pediatrician when you return? This is likely the same question a Judge or court commissioner would ask.

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Look to the dispute resolution section of your parenting plan for further guidance.

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