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What is considered a conflict of interest when it comes to hiring a lawyer for dissolution of marriage?

Marshall, MN |

I met with a lawyer in March of this year. At that time there wasn't a conflict of interest. Now in Sept. I am ready to hire however am told there is now a conflict of interest and I (as well as my husband) can't hire their firm. I was also told that he can't disclose details. Why would I all of the sudden not be able to hire them? Also, don't I have a right to know why I can't?

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A conflict of interest could arise for number of different reasons, but usually it is due to the fact that an attorney or a firm has knowledge about opposing parties that it would not normally be entitled to if she/ he or it were representing only one of the parties. I am not aware off any rule that forces the attorney/firm to disclose information regarding the conflict, but I would think a general description would be available. Something like, "your husband came in for a consultation after you did and before we realized we had alreadly consulted with you." Obviously, specific details would not available because that is exactly why the conflict of interest is being claimed.



What happen if you already paid the lawyer and find it out later he is not being honest to you, I mean you ask him if my husband went to see him but he didn't tell the truth and lied. Then I already pay his service fee he did charged me before I found out later he is the same lawyer my husband went to see for a consultation. Can I get my money back to that lawyer? Do they will put me in trouble for something if I do ask my money back?