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What is considered a bad credit score?

Dallas, TX |

I am not sure if my score is bad or in the middle. What is a considered a bad score?


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There is no one size fits all answer to your inquiry. There a number of different scoring models. And what is "good" to one lender, or for a particular type of loan, may be deemed unsuitable by another.

FICO is the most common scoring model. FICO prepares a scoring model for each of the three major nationwide credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. As a general rule, these scores fall in a range from about 300 to 850. A score lower than 620 is generally considered a poor risk. While the most attractive terms (interest rates) are usually offered to consumers with scores over 720.

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I agree with Ms. Wells. I think her answer is spot on. Typically 720 is good. Good luck


It depends. What type of credit are you trying to obtain?

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