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I am a minor and recently I sent photos of me fully clothed except for wearing a shirt and bra. In the photo you could not see my nipples but yet you can see my boobs. I live in the u.s... I just heard that I can be prosecuted for sending such a racy pic and if found will have to register myself as a sex offender. Except I send the racy pic to a man whom lives in England and whom is also 20. Will I go to jail? I am swarmed with guilt. Is that consider semi nudity?

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I just answered this question on the entertainment page where you posted it.

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I am confused. May you rewrite your answer here because I did not write this question on the entertainment page?

Oscar Michelen

Oscar Michelen


Yes - "racy" is not pornographic. In the NYC metro area DAs have not been prosecuting minor teens who send their nude images - they only prosecute the adults who receive or share them so you don't have to worry. That being said I need to state the obvious - it's not wise to send pictures that you do not want revealed all over the internet. You can never trust that the recipient won't share them against your wishes.


This sounds no different than a bathing suit photo. I don't think you have to worry. It is not a good idea to give information and photos to people you meet on-line.

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It's unlikely you will be prosecuted but you should learn from this mistake and stop sending pictures to strangers. If by chance someone from law enforcement does contact you regarding these pictures, you do not have to answer their questions. Inform your parents and have them hire an attorney for you.

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Semi nude means exactly what it says - partially nude. Usually that means exposure of genitals or exposure of breasts, but not both. This would be the US meaning. The United Kingdom has different standards on free speech from the United States, so I cannot speak to the truth of whether you could be found liable for sending such pics to a citizen of the UK.

However, in NY, the rule is that it would be illegal to send a picture of a minor engaged in a sexually explicit act (even if sent by the minor).

In general, under New York law it is a felony to:
•Knowingly use a minor in a sexually explicit performance.
•Promote material that contains a child under the age of 17 engaging in a sexually explicit act, or
•Possess material that contains a child under the age of 16 engaging in a sexual act.

If convicted, jail sentences could range from 2 to 15 years and will generally need to register as a sex offender.

However, a bra and panties shot might not pass as sexually explicit. It would depend upon the circumstances.

If you are a minor, and the UK person is not, I would suggest trying to keep the over-the-net pic sending G-rated or PG-rated. And remember, you never know what someone else might do with those images. Even if things are great now, if they turned sour, you could really regret sending those images.

When in doubt, don't send it out.

Best of luck.

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