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I am a minor and recently I sent photos of me fully clothed except for wearing a shirt and bra. In the photo you could not see my nipples but yet you can see my boobs. I live in the u.s... I just heard that I can be prosecuted for sending such a racy pic and if found will have to register myself as a sex offender. Except I send the racy pic to a man whom lives in England and whom is also 20. Will I go to jail? I am swarmed with guilt. Is that consider semi nudity?

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The picture you describe would not be considered pornography but do not send anymore. They stay on the internet forever and can come back to haunt you. Racy is not pornographic. Also in NYC, District Attorneys have not been prosecuted minor senders but the adult recipients. Don't worry about what you have already done as I see very little to no possibility of it resulting in a case brought against you. But let your worries and concern be what stops you from doing anything more in the future. Good luck.

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This question went out to the Entertainment lawyers. I'm changing it so it goes to the Criminal Defense lawyers because it's a criminal question. I'm not sure who if anyone would be the offender here... you, or the guy who now has a racy picture of a minor on his computer., or both of you. So please get some advice from a NY criminal defense attorney which I am not, so I can't advise you on the law here.

Just as some practical advice, I would advise you against sending such pictures in the future. It's really not a good idea to put yourself out there like that from a safety point of view. Also, all too often women have sent photos to guys and the photos have ended up not being private. I heard a case of a woman sending a photo to a guy & the photo later ended up on a calendar! You're a kid now, but some day you might want to BE somebody, and you don't want photos like that surfacing to embarrass you.

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This sounds no different than a bathing suit photo. I don't think you need to worry but it's not a good idea to give information and send photos to people you meet on-line.

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This picture, as you described it, does not seem to rise to the level of invoking criminal charges.