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What is conflict of interest if the attorney has already negiotiated an agreement for client?

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After an agreement was reached with an attorney on execution of agreement day receives notice from attorney that his client rescinds offer and no longer representing due to "conflict of interest." So is the attorney not agreeing with client to rescind offer and has removes herself? All COI checks are done on the front end of representing a client and was even asked to attorney prior to working with the attorney as the pro se client.

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Your question is somewhat confusing. However, if I understand it correctly, the other party to an agreement, who was represented by an attorney, has now rescinded, or at least tried to rescind the agreement, and that party's attorney has now removed himself from representation. When an attorney represents a client, there is a contract between the client and the attorney. There are various reasons why the representation contract may end, but a core concept is that the client and the attorney have to work together. If the client and the attorney disagree or are "not on the same page" for whatever reason, then the contract may end. On the other hand, a conflict of interest can be anything from a disagreement, to finances, to a prior client, etc. The bottom line is that trying to determine what has happened on the other side is simply speculation. Wouldn't it be better to focus on what needs to be done to achieve or enforce the agreement you mention? Find a qualified local attorney to assist you with the work on the agreement. Good luck.

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