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What is breach of contract if no formal contract was given?

Savannah, GA |

This attorney said he would handle my case but has not investigated it. He and I have never discussed my case also he left me in jail for close to 90 days before another attorney my family hired successfully handled my bond hearing. I am now released and wrote an email inquiring as to why he was not doing anything and he now want to withdraw from my case and offers a full refund after all this time has passed.

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If you have an attorney now, you might inquire of him a clearer understanding of all this. Note too, if you have never discussed the case then it may still be unknown whether he has investigated anything or not? His offer to make a full refund is about all you can expect and is more than many might do in these unclear circumstance. He might be faulted for not keeping an open stream of communication with you, but as you are aware, he can't just pick up the phone an call an inmate anytime he might want to. Jail visit are very time-consuming, are not terribly productive, because of the interviewing environment and while these visits may make the inmate feel better in some way, not much else changes if the earlier interviews were designed to elicit the facts of the case. Of course, there are visits that are necessary to clarify conflicting evidence or communicate offers or the like. At this juncture, I would take the money and pay your family back what you can.

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