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What is ASSAULT F/V M/C. This is what is on the police report. What do the f/v and m/c stand for?

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I want to know exactly what this charge is and what the f/v and m/c stand for. If this is what is on the police report, is this what offense you will be charged with or can you be charged with something different at arraignment? I am trying to figure out what "class" means and whether or not this would be felony or misdemeanor charges. I am guessing that m/c mean misdemeanor, class c, but i want to double check.

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The citation is for family violence, I'm not sure about m/c. This is a class c misdemeanor which is the lowest criminal charge possible. However, you absolutely must take this seriously and need a criminal defense attorney. Do not ignore this.


F/v does stand for family violence and m/c more than likely stands for misdemeanor C, which is like a traffic ticket. Can you be charged with someone else? Yes. And, they can raise the level of the offense. However, be aware that a conviction or deferred adjudication (not being found guilty but place on probation) on an assault involving family violence has serious repercussions. You cannot have any weapons in your house. And, if you were to arrested again for an assault involving family violence - even if it amounts to a class c charge - you could be charged with a felony just because of the prior conviction. You should take steps to get this case dismissed, or be found not guilty, particularly because of the future ramifications.


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