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What is/are the Florida Statutes for fraud committed by an insurance company? Also I would like negligence laws, and privacy vio

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I am a pro se litigant who is a plaintiff against an insurance company. I am trying to amend my complaint to add fraud, negligence, and privacy violation. I currently have a breach of contract claim against them.
Please give me the relevant laws that cover fraud, negligence to settle a claim properly, and privacy violation committed by an insurance company that I may be able to use. Thank you.

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Simply giving you the Florida Statutes (which may or may not) be applicable to your case will likely not be helpful. Often, the interpretation of the statute will be what controls its applicability. We call this caselaw.

Please include more information as to the underlying claims, and we may be able to provide more guidance.


You are delusional if you think you have any chance whatsoever of matching the insurance company blow-for-blow without the assistance of an attorney. Get real. If you can find an attorney who thinks you have a case, then great, hire him/her. But if you can't, then forget about this "case" and get on with your life. Good luck!

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I have answered this same question on another website. The claims you have are fact specific and giving you statutes, which don't apply to all your claims, wont help. Get legal advice even if it is just to frame your complaint and the issues.

The answers given are limited to the facts as given and presumed by the answer itself. Without seeing actual written documentation or having a conference to more fully explore the issues, this short answer has only limited application. Make sure to seek legal counsel and provide all documentation to get assistance in making informed legal choices., 305 377 1505


I agree with the other respondents that more facts are necessary to accurately point you in the right direction. With that said, it appears from what you have provided that you believe your insurance carrier acted in Bad Faith. There is a civil remedy under Fla. Stat. Sec. 624.155; however, this area of law is very complicated and requires a great deal of understanding of the case law and statutory procedures for a successful claim to be filed much less won. For that reason, I would highly recommend that you consult with an attorney who focuses their practice to bad faith claims for further assistance. Insurance companies have a great deal of resources which they gladly employ when faced when one of these types of claims and so you should really speak to an attorney before doing anything else.