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What is are Oregon Three Strikes Law provisions? Under what circumstances does Oregon count a "strike"?

Lincoln City, OR |
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As far as I know Oregon has no 3 strike law except in the case of specific crimes. If there's a specific offense you're worried about you should consult with an attorney in private about it. In general though, it is better to simply avoid committing crimes altogether as any criminal history hurts you if there's a new crime committed. Good Luck.


Oregon does not have a three strikes law. We have enhanced sentences for repeat property and drug dealing offenders, mandatory minimums for specified crimes, a 5 year gun minimum (which can be waived only on a first offense), and a felony sentencing guidelines system that can increase a person's prison sentence based on their previous convictions. Whether any of this is relevant will depend on what you were convicted for previously and what you're presently charged with. My advice to you is to lawyer up immediately.

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No such thing in Oregon.