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What is another word for contributory negligence in a collections case? or is there one?

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i want to use this as a affirmitive defence cuz its exactly what im looking for. sued for hospital bill wa state the bill probably 4 yrs old unknown at this time. didn't know it exsited til now,medical coupon should have covered it, seeings how i never was made aware of the debt, now time has elasped to get case review or fair hearing. they made me loose my right to do so. i feel they helped in matter bill would have been paid.(?)

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The word is laches.

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laches, but it is tough to prevail on this defense. You need to try to do discovery on pltf for things that would help you defend on the merits. if pltf doesnt have the documents anymore or theyve been lost etc, that could help your laches defense. Try to subpna records re payment or medical coupon etc. if those are no longer available, that helps the defense. probably should try to get some help from a local atty.

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