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What is and what happens after a appraisal of a civil suit settlement?

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what is and what happens after a appraisal of a civil suit settlement?

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Appraisals are usually done to value real property. A civil settlement doesn't get appraised, so I have no idea what you're trying to ask.

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i was told by a family member,in reference to a wrongful death of another family member, that their lawyers are waiting for the case to make it onto the court docket and then the settlement would be appraised...?


If there is a settlement in a civil class action, notice will be approved by the court and distributed to the class members. The notice will apprise the class members about the allegations in the case, the definition of the class and who falls within it, the settlement relief, i.e. the remedy that will be awarded to the class members including whether the class members need to affirmatively do something like submit a claim in order to be included in the class; preferably there will be automatic relief, meaning the class member does not need to do anything to be included in the class. The notice will also tell the class members what they need to do to be excluded from the class, object, ask questions, etc. It will also give general knowledge about the court where the case is filed, the attorneys, etc. There is a lot more information typically contained within class notice but hopefully that gives you some general knowledge about what to expect.

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