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What is an Fr Suspension on a driver's license in the state of Florida?

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What is an Fr Suspension on a driver's license in the state of Florida? When I run a Driver's License check at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles's website, it states a Revocation, a Suspension & two Fr Suspensions.

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FR suspension means "Financial Responsibility" suspension.

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In the state of Florida, an FR suspension is a Financial Responsibility suspension. It usually means that you did not have the required insurance, your insurance lapsed or your insurance was cancelled. Many times if you change auto insurance companies your Florida driver's license can get suspended for financial responsibility by mistake. Therefore, it is important for you to notify DHSMV when you change your insurance company. Further, if you have a DUI conviction you are required to carry full coverage insurance for several years and your insurance company must send a particular form to DHSMV show the coverage.


You have had two instances where Tallahassee was informed you hed no insurance. To lift this suspension you need to show that on the date of the ticket given, you didi indeed have insurance. This may require you to contact the insurance company who covered your auto at the time they specify on the DL record.