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What is an attorneys compensable value of a 210k estate

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what is an attorneys compensable value of a 210k estate

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Pursuant to the statute a fee of 3% is presumed reasonable, which is $6,300. They are allowed to charge more for extraordinary services, such as closing the sale of real property, or preparing an estate tax return. See Florida Statute 733.6171

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I completely agree with the prior attorney's answer. However, if it is a relatively simple estate, keep in mind that you may find an attorney to handle it for a lower fee than 3%. If that may be the case, you could talk to 2 or 3 lawyers to see if anyone would handle it for a any less than 3%. However, if it is at all complex, in my experience, a 3% attorney fee on a $200K estate is a relative bargain to the estate.

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Also-some attorneys are willing to charge by the hour or a flat fee.
My firm will usually set a flat fee after looking at the assets in the estate.

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