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What is an appropriate time frame for disbursement of an estate once final inventory and all debts paid?

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The executor is a beneficiary and has opted for property instead of cash with all parties in agreement. At this point, the amount of property claimed by the executor has exceeded their portion of the cash benefit needed to pay off the other heirs and the executor will need to pay an additional amount once the estate is settled. The final inventory has been completed, taxes filed, debts paid and we are at about 1 year from the date of death. With the executor not quite as motivated as the rest of the heirs to settle, what is a reasonable time frame for settlement before the rest of the heirs should be concerned? Is there an amount of time the executor is required to do so?

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When you say "final inventory" I assume you mean the "final account." If the court needs to approve the account, then the executor would need to wait until that approval has been obtained. If the interested parties waive the hearing, then the distribution can be made, pretty much at any time.

You are in the ballpark at this point, of when an estate would normally close. If there is an attorney representing the executor, I might be tempted to contact him or her, share your concerns, and try to get a clearer answer as to when you can expect closure.

James Frederick