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What is a typical visitation agreement when the parents live 6 hours or more apart?

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If the custoidal parents moves away with the children how are drop offs/pickups typically done? Is it most likely to be every other weekend still or go for longer periods of times between visitis? Can the noncustodial parent stop the move? Parents are married.

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There is no "typical" visitation agreement. Each family is different and each parenting order/agreement takes into account a plethora of variables and considerations.

It may b possible to stop the relocation. Again, it depends on many factors.

you should direct these questions to your attorney. If you don't have an attorney, you should hire one.


First of all there are a few things I donot understand. Are you going through a divorce? Because it says you are still married? Secondly the custodial parent can move anywhere within the boundaries of the state of Illinois. Thirdly if there is alreadya parenting/visiting schedule/plan then the plan needs to be redone to accomodate the distance. If there isjoint custody then there will need to be mediation first. Even if there is no joint custody igt is a good idea to mediate to address all the issues a move will create. We cannot answe your question on here. As to weekends or longer periods of time. Obviously every other weekend becomes burden some for everyone involved when the parents live 6 hours apart. If the parent wants to move outside of the state the parent will need the permission of the other parent or the court in a court order. If the move is out of the state then yes the noncustodial parent can stop the move but after a hearing on the issues the court can approve the move. Again I do not understand the relevance of "parents are married." If you stay married and do not get divorced then the court does not get involved at all and does not care where either of you chooses to live with or withojut your children.

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Your question is very confusing. if the parents are married, are there any divorce proceedings? Absent any court orders, there is no visitation, whether typical or otherwise. Additionally, if the parties are not going through a divorce, then the noncustodial parent cannot stop the custodial parent from moving anywhere at all. If there is a divorce pending, the custodial parent can move anywhere within the boundaries of the State of Illinois. Keep in mind, however, that there is no such thing as a custodial parent except by virtue of the court proceeding. You might be well served to consult with the family law attorney to have all your questions answered in person.

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