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What is a Robbery INV charge and how long is a typical sentence?

Seattle, WA |
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"INV" indicates the case is under "investigation," and has not yet been charged. The state may hold a person in custody for up to three days while a felony is being investigated.

There are two kinds of robbery, first degree and second degree, depending on the facts of the case. A second degree robbery conviction, with no prior or other current felony convictions, carries a standard range sentence of 3-9 months. That sentence increases if a deadly weapon or firearm was used, or if there are any prior convictions.

A first degree robbery with no prior or other current felony convictions carries a standard range sentence of 31-41 months in prison. Again, that sentence increase if there are priors, deadly weapons, or firearms.

Both crimes are "strikes" under Washington's "three-strikes" law, so if there are two prior "strikes," the sentence is life without the possibility of parole.

Often a lawyer can assist during the investigation stages by bringing to the police evidence that is useful to the client; or by getting that information to the prosecutor before a filing decision is made. Please call me if I can be of assistance.