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What is a reasonable range of cost for clearing 8 tickets from your driving record?

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I have pulled my DMV record and show (6) tickets one of which is a fix it ticket and I no longer own the vehicle so I have no proof the issue was fixed. Several others include no registration and speeding which have all gone into FTA status. I also received two tickets in the last two months these were for driving on a suspended license and speeding the other was I had a tail light out so when I was pulled over the officer also cited me for driving on a suspended license and no proof of insurance. What are my options as far as cost and time to clear my record and get my license reinstated?

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The costs vary. You need an attorney . The main thing is to try and keep as many points off your record. You also face potential DMV issues because of the number of potential points involved. Having an attorney familiar with the courts is very important.

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The unfortunate thing is that traffic tickets that are not taken care of by going to traffic court can add up, especially if they are assessed against you because you failed to appear. In addition to the fines, many traffic courts add additional fines for the failure to appear. To make matters worse, if the fines are not paid, as you already know, your privilege to drive gets suspended because of the failure to pay and the FTA. Even if you clear the FTA and make arraingments to start making payments on the fines, if you have 4 points in one year on your driving record for traffic violations, that results in a separate suspension of your license. Typically, a fix it type ticket will not add points to your driving record. For point violations see Since you have your DMV record, you can start going to each court to start clearing your issues including removing the FTAs, fines are probably in the thousands based on driving on a suspended licence, speeding tickets, and FTAs. It may cost you some more money, but you may want to consider talking to an attorney in your area to help you get your license back as soon as possible. In any event, it is going to take some time to get everything cleared up. Good Luck!