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What is a reasonable amount to pay a lawyer for filing a chapter 13 completely including any court or judge fees?

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What is a reasonable amount to pay a sacramento lawyer for filing a simple chapter 13, including court , judge etc. fees; when we are all done what would be a reasonable amount to expect to pay?

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Each jurisdiction does it differently. The filing fee is $274.00. The attorney fees are often set by the court and are standard and are called a "no look" fee. They can be lower then this amount but not higher.


It all depends on your local practice, along with the skill and reputation of the attorney you choose. The filing fee is set by the court, so that will not change. Fees tend to be charged in two ways, "Flat Fee" and "Hourly". Most courts have an approved flat fee for Chapter 13 (in our part of Michigan the fee is $3,000), but my practice is 100% hourly. I believe the hourly fee allows the more difficult cases to get the attention they need, and controls costs for more simple cases.

Remember that in many cases a large part of your total fee will be paid as part of the Chapter 13 Plan. Given your payment is based on what you can afford to pay, with or without fees, your creditors may in effect pay part of your fees. More important then fees is a attorney you trust and are comfortable with. Do not be afraid to meet with several attorneys prior to retaining one.


In the Central District of California the court allows attorneys to charge $4,000 for attorney fees plus the court filing fee of $274. Additionally if we strip a second mortgage the court will generally award us another $500 for bringing the motion. Most of the fee can be worked into the repayment plan so most attorneys just request a decent down payment.

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