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What is a propsed order in regards to having something expunged from your recorde after recieving a no objection from the state

Orlando, FL |

I am trying to have something removed from my record and , i have recieved a no ibjection from the state , recieved a message stating that i needed a proposed order, but i dont know what one is or where to get one from

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Mr. Trabin is correct in his explanation of what a proposed order is. If you use a template, make sure you make it specific to your case, including the arresting agency, etc.

If you'd like, you can call my office tomorrow at 4074127040 and I can walk you through what you need to do.

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Mrs Soberon_Llort was very helpful and easy to understand , if i was in Fl and had any lehal issues she would be my go to lawyer.


It's basically the order you want the judge to sign. The judge needs to sign a document in which the judge grants your petition. There must be an order requiring the police, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Clerk, and any other relevant agency to expunge your record. The judge won't draft one on his own, so you need to propose one. There isn't a basic order that you will find one online, you need to write it. It is a better idea to have a lawyer assist you with the expungement process.

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Go to the Miami-Dade County Clerk of the Court web site and you will find an Order to Expunge/Seal your record. Take that Order and merely modify it to the Orlando court.


Go to, on left side under Quick Links it says "Forms". Click on that and then click on "criminal". There is a link that has the forms you would need for both sealing and expunging a case. A proposed Order form is included in there. You would need to modify it to reflect the county you are in and the information specific to your case.

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