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What is a notice of non resident cost bond in a foreclosure case?

Tamarac, FL |

i rent a house that is facing a foreclosure, and i just received a letter saying that a notice of non resident cost bond is beeing filed.

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I'm 90% sure this applies to the owner of the house that it being foreclosed and not to you the tenant, but because your are a "party of interest" (you have a right to know what is going on in the home you live in--since it ultimately COULD affect you). It is a Florida Law that says that if someone from out of state files suit in Florida they have to post a bond. Essentially so they have something to loose and shows a good faith effort and to prevent frivoulous lawsuits. This bond will be kept by the court (clerk) if there are any judgments or liens against the plaintiff. So this notice I am almost certain is letting the homeowner's defense attorney know that they have filed this bond like they are supposed to. There are so many foreclosures that attorneys are really fighting each other and we are becoming better and better at civil procedure. A defense attorney told me when I was in law school ,"There is nothing "civil" about civil lawsuits. Prosecutors and defense attorneys treat each other much better believe it or not.

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