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What is a notice of intent to seek sanctions?

Placentia, CA |

I recieved a bill from my lawyer with this a charge, can anyone tell me what it is?

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Lawyers and parties are supposed to follow certain rules and if one side believes that the other side is not, then they can ask for money or evidentiary sanctions from the other side or from the other side's lawyers. This is done by filing a written motion and the title of the writen motion is often called a "Notice of intent to seek sanctions."
Money sanctions are just that, asking for the court to order the other side to pay for the cost of something. Evidentiary or preclusion sanctions are a request for the court to do something that will affect how the case is tried. For example, a request to prohibit the other side from offering any evidence about how much money they lost, because they refused tro produce the busines sales records that were requested.
If your lawyer is seeking sanctions from the other side then this is probably something that will eventually work to your benefit--but you should call and ask the lawyer about this.
Sometimes lawyers will wind up charging more than the effort is worth and you should ask for a cost-benefit analysis about this-IF the lawyer is expecting you to pay for it.